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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I simply DO NOT have the time.” Well, think again and turn those thoughts around! Our new age and day revolves around work all the time. We forget often to take care of ourselves. Whether it be living in the fast food drive-thru, or even forgetting to feed ourselves during our busy lives. We often drink more caffeine than water, and lose sleep rather than getting our beauty rest. It is a tough world out there where we lack putting ourselves first. Fast forward 10 years, we look haggard and most likely cut a few years off our life span.

Here are some 10 tips to help your busy, everyday lives:

1. Drink more water!

This is so important! Life can get extremely stressful and hectic. You find yourself chugging loads of coffee each day and then ending your crazy worked-up day with a few alcoholic beverages. The pattern then again repeats itself the next day. Being dehydrated and deprived of water can cause you to experience fatigue, dizziness, and muscle cramps. Water is the most natural way to hydrate. It regulates your body temperature and your joints get naturally lubricated. It keeps you healthy and helps transport nutrients. It’s free at all restaurants and it keeps you healthy and gives you energy!

2. Opt for the stairs and skip the elevator

Have you ever climbed a few flights of stairs and felt super out of breath? Yeah, don’t we all. We forget one of the easiest workouts could be inside our apartment building, or at our office. However, not all cities are blessed like New York City where stairs are literally everywhere. If we opt to take the stairs anywhere on a daily basis, we get a little kick out of cardio just climbing up to the top. Climb stairs wherever you are, and it can give you a little boost to your heart and lungs.

3. Skip dessert

Dinners are a fabulous way to gather family and friends together. But once again, more often than not, we tend to over order as well. It starts from the complimentary bread, appetizers, the main course, and topping it all off with something sweet. Not only are you adding onto the extremely heavy meal you’ve had, but the alcohol consumption too. Who doesn’t love a nice red wine paired with the steak dinner? Or how about that sake with your sushi? Dessert is just loads of calories and sugar we simply can skip. Try finishing your lovely nighttime meal with a caffeine-free herbal tea. It will help you digest, and leave you not feeling as stuffed. Remember to skip the cream and sugar as well.

4. Getting your Zz’s.

As we get older, we tend to sleep less. It’s just in our nature now with our busy working lives. You get glued on your phone looking at social media, simply catching up on the news, or doing chores you never have time to do. It gets crazy as an adult, and even gets crazier maintaining your family home. Never forget how important sleep really is. Not getting enough can cause serious issues such as heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and the list can go on. Not getting enough sleep can also affect your work life. Imagine running on just a few hours and you mess up big time at work. It could potentially hurt your job and everything else! Remember to at least get 8 hours a night. It can be hard, but try!

5. Don’t forget ‘me time.’

‘Me time’ does not mean spend tons of money at the spa every day. Although once in a blue moon is ok! Me time simply means take some time out of your day to focus just on you. Make yourself a decent meal, drink some good coffee, take a long bath, check out that new hip restaurant alone, mediate… the list goes on! Me time is just remembering you are human, and no matter how busy life can get, you need to acknowledge to treat yourself sometimes.

6. Have some fruits and veggies

Remember when you were a kid and you hated eating your vegetables? That can linger on until adulthood and even then we avoid veggies like the plague. Sushi, pasta, and hamburgers just sound so much more delicious. Fruits and vegetables contain more water and nutrients for vital health and maintenance of your body. Vegetables provide natural sources of fiber, vitamins, and reduces risk of chronic disease. You can spice up your fruits and vegetables in various ways such as making them into smoothies, putting them in your sandwiches, or just simply raw snacking!

7. Stretch out!

After hours of sitting in your office chair, flying on an airplane, or even just sleeping for a solid 8 hours- your body stiffens up. Flexibility helps improve your performance in physical activities and decreases risk of injuries. Do you ever feel like your body is just, super stiff? It most likely is. Stretching can help improve your posture and lengthening tight muscles that pull areas of the body away from their intended position. Not only will stretching physically make you feel loose, it also increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles. Stretching helps reduce muscle soreness. It’s extremely important after working out so you don’t feel even more stiff post-workout. Stretching your mind is also important. Physically when you are releasing tension, you are mentally giving your mind a chance to recharge.

8. Turn down service

We live in a very digital world. Everything and anything is now on the web. We get caught in bed laying for hours, just reading or surfing the web. Give yourself a break and put that phone away. Read a book, pick up a magazine, clean the house. Anything to give your eyes a break and relax your mind naturally.

9. Eat your breakfast

You may think dinner is the most important, but reality is, breakfast is. Don’t skip it for it is one of the most important factors in starting your day. Breakfast provides essential nutrients, research shows. And while doughnuts and bacon egg and cheese croissant don’t exactly count, most breakfast foods are excellent sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron, B vitamins as well as fiber and protein.

10. Take care of your image

This could be number one in my books. We get lost in doing so much for others, we forget ourselves once again. Brush your hair, take a long bath, make sure you moisturize, floss, and use SPF. The list goes on! Our self-image is a simple reflection of how we take care of ourselves. Make sure your socks match, and more importantly, make sure you aren’t wearing flip flops to that meeting. Suit up! Wear a nice blouse. Remember, you are human and no matter how busy life gets… you are responsible for yourself.