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10 Steps to a Healthier You

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If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to improve your health and wellness, we think it helps to have a plan. It’s only February and it’s still not too late! New York City offers a wide variety of activities to help you stay healthy, not to mention exercise programs, parks for recreation and other healthy activities. But here are 10 simple steps to a healthier you:

1. Don’t Skip Out on Breakfast

Starting the day with protein and fiber can rev up your metabolism, keep your energy from crashing, and help you avoid that 10 AM eat-everything-in-sight rampage. Cereal and milk (oats are a good option in the fiber department) or whole grain toast with nut butter are good choices.

2. Choose Whole Foods

Whole foods – fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish, chicken, eggs and dairy – offer a wide variety of nutrients. Make sure your meal contains proteins and carbohydrates, with plenty of fiber and some healthy fats like olive oil. Processed foods are usually short on the important stuff, are low in fiber, and may have added preservatives, salt or sugar.

3. Yes, You Need Fat

The right kind of fats can help you feel full longer. Tree nuts like almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts and pistachios offer plenty of nutrition and crunch. Olive oil and avocados make a simple salad a luxury item. Healthy fats also provide you with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your nervous system and brain.

4. Be Picky with Packages

Processed and packaged food aren’t always ideal for your diet, but if you’re grabbing these foods, make sure you read the labels and pick the healthier options. For example, whole grain pasta is filling and more nutritious than the regular, traditional version. Avoid foods that have hydrogenated fats, and lots of sugar or salt.

5. Portion Food Sizes

Pay attention to serving sizes, whether you’re eating at home or on the go. One of the easiest mistakes to make for nutrition is overeating. Those calories can really add up. Have a broth-based soup as an appetizer. At home serve plates and leave serving dishes in the kitchen.

6. Think Hydration

Dehydration is hard on the brain and can contribute to problems like constipation. Make water your primary source of fluid and avoid sodas or drinks with a lot of caffeine.

7. Exercise for Fun

When you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t seem like exercise. Anything that includes aerobic exercises, strength and flexibility training, or balance activities is good for your body.

8. Intensify

Kick up the intensity rather than the duration or frequency of your workouts. This will give you maximum impact in the shortest time.

9. Move It

Even with a regular exercise program, it’s easy to spend too much time sitting. Get up and move around the office, your home or work cubicle. Park and walk, whenever possible, and always take the stairs.

10. Sleep Tight

Going short on sleep shortchanges you mentally, physically and emotionally. Turn off the electronics at least an hour before bed. Don’t overdo the caffeine. Shut out those New York City lights in a cool dark room.

There you have it – basic strategies for your health and wellness. At Complete Wellness, we’ll help you lose weight or maintain weight loss, sleep like a baby and have a healthy diet. Call us at (212) 737-9000 for more info!