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6 Yoga Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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With its wide range of benefits becoming more and more well-known, yoga has seen a surge in popularity. We all know that yoga is relaxing, increases flexibility, and tones even the most stubborn areas of the body – working wonders for the core, arms, and tush! However, the mental and physical health benefits of regular practice extend far beyond flexibility and fitness. With these lesser known benefits, we give you even more reasons to join us on the mat in New York City! 

Fight and Control Food Cravings

In addition to massaging the internal organs and aiding in digestion, research has found that practicing yoga regularly increases the occurrence of ‘mindful eating’. All yoga styles focus on becoming acutely aware of the connection between the physical and emotional, and applying this mindfulness to eating leads to a healthier you. Elements such as breath awareness and the expansion and contraction of the core allow us to more accurately tune in to our bodies and make better choices based on what they are telling us.

Improve Sleep

Several studies have looked into the positive effects of yoga on sleeping cycle. It has been shown that consistent yoga practice significantly improves the quality of sleep for people dealing with insomnia, and helps cancer survivors feel less fatigued. Expressing energy and providing us with a way to release stress are the main causes for improving sleep, and utilizing yogic breathing exercises allows us to slow down our bodies and minds at the end of the day.

Boost Sexual Performance

This is certainly one of the lesser known, yet most enticing benefits of yoga. Practicing can improve sexual desire, arousal, confidence, performance, and orgasm for both men and women. The increased circulation adds a helpful physical boost while focus and mental clarity allows us to practice controlling our minds and being in the moment.

Boost Immunity

Yoga has also been shown to be savvy with preventing illness. This is because practice catalyzes healthy changes in gene expression, increasing immunity at a cellular level. Circulation increases, fitness builds, and organs strengthen, turning our bodies into lean, well-oiled machines. We can all utilize different types of yoga as a flu-fighter this winter.

Preparation for Labor

Prenatal yoga is an excellent choice for preparing moms-to-be for labor. During each asana, we work consciously with our breath, which can sometimes be a challenge. Overcoming these challenges and regaining control will certainly come in handy during labor, allowing you to practice being comfortable with the uncomfortable through breathing. Conscious breathing exercises during pregnancy also allow us to strengthen our connection with the baby, as practicing allows us to slow down and focus our attention on what is happening within our bodies.


Practicing yoga has also been shown to be the ultimate healer. Whether you are recovering from physical or mental addiction or are recovering from some other emotional trauma, yoga allows you to learn to be at peace with yourself by promoting mindfulness and non-judgment. Through yoga, we learn to feel what our bodies are experiencing and what they need most.

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