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7 Benefits of Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is a highly effective way for New York patients to heal from injury or illness. The physical therapy team at Complete Wellness NYC, located in Upper East Side, is ready to help patients reclaim their wellness now. Physical therapy includes a range of therapies. The physical therapist will guide patients in performing exercises using both mechanical force and basic body movements. These exercises, known as active physical rehabilitation, are designed to address specific problems the patient is dealing with, and they will allow for improved flexibility and range of motion. With the improved flexibility and better range of motion, the patient will become more mobile. Other treatments, including ultrasound therapy, heat therapy, and ice packs, are also used for many physical therapy patients. These non-active modes of physical therapy, known as passive physical therapy, are often very helpful in the treatment of pain and injury. Physical therapy may also include massage therapy. Not only does massage therapy help patients deal with pain, it also helps reduce inflammation and can improve a patient’s ability to move freely. Below are 7 benefits of physical therapy.

Reduce Pain

Therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques help restore muscle and joint function to reduce pain. This can also help in preventing pain from returning.

Prevent falls

Physical therapy can help with balance, which ultimately helps prevent falls and further injury. They can also help improve coordination.

Avoid surgery

If you could avoid the pains of surgery, wouldn’t you? Physical therapy helps you reduce pain, sometimes leaving surgery unnecessary. If surgery is required, physical therapy can help you go into surgery stronger and in better shape. Thus, in many cases, you will recover faster afterwards.

Improve mobility

The stretching and strengthening benefits of physical therapy can ultimately help improve your mobility. Whatever your typical daily activities are, these motions can be practiced during a physical therapy appointment to help with performance and safety.

Help with issues of aging

As we age, the risk of developing arthritis or osteoporosis increases. Physical therapists can help manage these conditions.

Recover from a stroke

Physical therapy can help patients regain function and movement lost as the result of a stroke. It helps strengthen the weakened parts of the body. More specifically, physical therapists can help the patient become more independent around the home by helping them to move around and transfer themselves in and out of bed, into the shower, etc. 

Recover from sports injury

Physical therapists can tailor their treatment to best get you back in the game as fast as possible.

Prevent Falls

Physical therapy can help with balance, which ultimately helps prevent falls and further injury. They can also help improve coordination.

Although most patients seek a physical therapist after a doctor prescribes it, that does not have to be the case. In New York state, patients are able to seek physical therapy without a doctor’s prescription due to the “direct access” laws in the state. However, patients who require more than 30 days of treatment will need a doctor’s prescription to continue after the initial month. Complete Wellness NYC makes the process easy by having both doctors and physical therapists under one roof. Call us today for more information! 347-497-7655