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As Americans, we are cultured in various ways in this melting pot called America. We have adopted traits and a tad bit of culture from all over the world from the foods we eat, to our imported cars, clothes, and furniture. Something else just as amazing came to our lives many eons ago. The practice of acupuncture and cupping.

Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese art of inserting thin needles into the meridians of the qi (pronounced “chee”,) along the body to connect internal organs and functions with the body surface. What the Chinese call “qi” is what flows throughout the body that has a powerful relationship to wellness and illness. Qi often gets operated with its acupuncture points, where typically the needles or heat gets applied. Acupuncture promotes restoration of your balance of energy as well as a variety of abnormal conditions such as sleep, digestion, musculoskeletal problems (back and neck pain,) migraine, and nausea.  Treatment can vary from person to person. One might feel a tremendous difference after one session, as for another person may need several depending on the complex long-standing chronic conditions. A plan can be measured out with your acupuncturist.

Our very own, Dr. H. has helped thousands of patients feel better after doing a full assessment and treatment plan on their pain and needs. He has treated a wide range of conditions including indigestion, constipation, migraines, back pain, insomnia, numbess, dizziness and much more. To book your FREE consultation with Dr. H yourelf, please call 347-507-5180 today!