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Cryotherapy: Everything You Need to Know

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Cryotherapy is an exciting new anti-inflammatory treatment, first popularized by elite athletes in this country, available at both locations, Complete Wellness NYC, located on the Upper East Side and Cool Zone Cryo, located in the Hampton’s. Patients can now enjoy accelerated healing of muscle pain and swelling from cryotherapy at both locations.

What is ‘Whole-body Cryotherapy’?

Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. WBC uses extreme cold to induce responses on three levels: the Circulatory System, the Energy Meridians and the Nervous System. There is no other therapy known to elicit such a powerful, positive and holistic response.

What is ‘Targeted Cryotherapy’?

Chronic injuries often require additional treatments to promote healing in that area. Conditions like tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow or chronic knee pain respond beautifully to targeted cryotherapy directly to these areas when also done in conjunction with whole-body cryotherapy.

What is ‘Facial Rejuvenation Cryotherapy’?

The Cryotherapy facial uses pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors applied to the face and neck to stimulate the production of collagen and decrease pore size. The skin becomes tighter, more even-toned, and blood circulation is improved. Over time, skin becomes more elastic due to the increase in collagen.

What to expect from a cryotherapy session?

The procedure is quick and relatively simple, 3 minutes to be exact. Patients strip down to their undergarments or a bathing suit if they prefer and given a robe, all jewelry is to be removed and a pair of gloves, socks, and footwear is provided and to be worn during the procedure to prevent frostbites.

Patient enters the cryo chamber where the nitrogen liquid is turned on. The liquid then turns to vapor lowering his or her surface temperature from the normal 30 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 166 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the cold air touches your skin, it tricks your brain into invoking a fight-or-flight response. Within 30 seconds, the blood leaves your extremities and concentrates in your core, which stays warm. Your arms and legs feel cold but the skin temperature quickly rebounds following treatment. For the next 2:30 minutes, your blood becomes highly oxygenated and nutrient enriched. When you depart the chamber, your vascular system takes several hours to fully re-inflate. During this period, your body stays in hyperthermia prevention mode and your body produces mood-elevating endorphins, which will leave you feeling relaxed and mood-elevated. As your highly-oxygenated blood returns, the red blood cells flush the white blood cells (which cause inflammation) from your joints and tissue. The white blood cells then undergo a chemical change and act as pain inhibitors. At around 2:00 minutes, your legs start to ache and you feel pins and needles. This is all topical and completely safe as the skin temperature in this area drops to between 40-50 degrees.  

What does it feel like post-treatment?

Everyone is different. Some describe a temporary tingling sensation following treatment. Others report a pleasurable feeling. The cold causes the body to releases endorphins, the same “feel good” hormones that can follow intense exercise. Many also say they enjoy a higher tolerance to pain when undergoing treatment before a workout, and decreased inflammation when undergoing it afterwards. 

Another bonus: cryotherapy burns 500-800 calories a session, thanks to the body’s increased metabolism. As with most therapies, consistency is necessary for ongoing benefits.

The beauty of having a location in the Hampton’s and in NYC is that people can do the treatments in either locations.

*There are some contraindications so make sure to check with a trained technician at one of our centers.

Now that you have all the cold hard facts, why don’t you give Cryo a try!

New York Office: Complete Wellness NYC: 347-429-6369
Hamptons: Cool Zone Cryo: 631-377-5117 |