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Do You Have Holiday Ready Skin?

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The holiday season can have a negative effect on your skin.

There are a lot of stresses and rushing that occurring during this busy time of year. Hosting, attending events, overscheduling, shopping, decorating, there is always something to do!  Any amount of stress can show up on your skin.

There is also the issue of overindulgence. Cocktails, sugary treats or simple carbohydrates, all play a role in lackluster complexions, dehydration or blocked absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Luckily, we have rounded up some tips that can help!

Use a multi-tasking moisturizer
‘Tis the season to find a moisturizer that will do some serious skin-saving work for you. Look for a moisturizer with sun protection, brighteners (like vitamin C), skin plumpers, wrinkle-smoothers, and hydrating factors to give you that boost.

Hydrate – Always
Staying hydrated is one of the most important skin care steps you can take towards making sure your skin looks great for any event you’re attending. From drinking more water to using a humidifier at night, get more moisture into your environment and body to combat the drier weather which can cause the skin to look tight and flaky.

Keep tea tree oil on-hand
It always seems to be the case that on the eve of a big event, an ill-placed spot appears.  Apparently, you can avoid this by dabbing a little bit of tea tree oil on the first sign of a blemish.

Get your skin ultra-smooth. You can use a loofah sponge or washcloth, and add extra exfoliation to your routine while you cleanse to boost smoothness, minimize pores and reduce flakiness.

Those are some at-home techniques you can use if you need a boost this season.

If you are in need of more intense therapy, be sure to ask about our facial cryotherapy amongst other services, such as nutrition counseling, to get you looking and feeling your best, always.

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