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Masae Shimomoto – Massage

Masae Shimomoto attended Swedish Institute and received a degree of Associate in Occupational studies and her NYS massage license in 2009. She specializes in stress relief, pain syndrome and other techniques to improve all over-all body functions. She is always seeking the best way to understand the human body and helping her clients ease from their pain.  She uses her Buddhist philosophy to create her clients to create body-mind-spirit healing experience. She wishes to change the...
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Wanda Hughes

Wanda is the assistant therapist and therapeutic exercise specialist at Complete Wellness. With over 10 years of experience in health and wellness exercise, she has the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment necessary to help New York City residents who are experiencing musculoskeletal conditions or injuries. Ms. Hughes’s specialty lies in designing and assessing health and fitness programs for those undergoing physical therapy. To further benefit her patients, she continually expands her knowledge...
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