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How Can Craniosacral Therapy Help Me?

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Pain originates from your nervous system, which delivers pain signals around your body and up and down your spinal cord. Given that the source of pain can come from one place, it’s not surprising that doctors have found that the best way to relieve pain is by targeting one location of your body. Our clinic is proud to offer a new way to relieve pain with therapy, which is particularly noteworthy due to the non-invasiveness of the medical procedure.

Craniosacral therapy works by applying extremely soft touches on the tissue and joints of your cranium. When applied by a medical professional trained in craniosacral therapy, these touches can go a long way in relieving pain by relaxing and loosening the tissues surrounding these joints. Releasing tension in the cranium also reduces tension in the surrounding areas, such as your spinal cord and nervous system. In other words, when your nervous system is relieved, your pain is relieved! There is no post-surgery recovery downtime to worry about, and no risk of drug side effects.

Craniosacral therapy is known to help relieve migraines, neck and pack pain, brain and spinal cord injuries, and many others. Come visit us at Complete Wellness to learn if this therapy is the right treatment to help put an end to your pain.