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How to deal with stress and anxiety?

Do you ever wonder to yourself if you can free your mind of all the negativity bottled up inside? Why, yes! Where do you think all this built up tension and stress actually comes from? Yourself.

Stress is known as the “silent killer” and it can severely impact your body and mind affecting your overall health and wellness. Stress is extremely common in our lives, and it typically progresses and worsens with age. Stress in fact, is the number one factor of insomnia and other sleep disorders.

We can’t control stress at times, but Complete Wellness NYC is here to help! Below are some simple ways to keep in mind to reduce stress and anxiety.

Just a few ways listed below are simple ways proven to help ease your mind, and even your soul.

Exercise – We all have busy lives in the city. Sometimes opting for the stairs instead of the elevator is just a simple switch-up in your regiment to help you tone up without putting the effort to. Our clinic offers medical weight loss, personal training, and even a guidance to upping your nutrition with one of our specialists! It is a great way to step into the new year.

Sleep – Although stress and anxiety is typically the reason we do not sleep, we need to learn to destress out minds. Try to meditate, take a long bath, and stay away from your phone and/or emails blowing up.

Massage – A nice long massage may just be the perfect thing! We offer medical massages as well as trigger point massages to help ease your mind, and sore backs! It is quite therapeutic and beneficial. You will never know what you are missing out on, until you try it! All those crazy knots you discover on the table will be rubbed out, and you will leave refreshed and new!

Yoga – You may never have imagined yourself in those crazy positions, wearing those crazy tight pants. Yoga, which is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, originated 2,000 years ago helping you to simply meditate, control breathing, and simply improve your health and relaxation. We offer yoga classes that can help you learn those new moves from our friendly instructors. When you learn to put yourself at peace, you have learned the ultimate way to distress. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you in the long run!
Here at Complete Wellness, we offer the best collaborative healthcare in New York City! We can help you exercise with our trianers on site, we can correct your insomnia by acupuncture, you can relax with our medical massage and you can even have a one on on yoga session with our instructor! Call us today to book your free consultation with us 347-507-5180!