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Trigger points sound exactly as its name; sensitive parts in you body, often tender area in a muscle that are often triggered from one main source. If your lower back is hurting, more than likely your neck and shoulders will tend to feel sore overtime. The back is often a common trigger point that can even cause headaches if not treated over time.

Trigger points are almost like a ripple affect, with the back being the starting point. Slowly crawling its way up from the bottom of your spine. Trigger points are areas of tension that cause pain in other areas of the body. Many of those who suffer from chronic pain have one or multiple trigger points in their body.

Finding the source of your pain is just the beginning, but a stepping stone to healing one’s self. You can target a specific area to decrease the pain significantly. A nice hot Epsom salt bath can simply help sooth muscle pain temporarily. A trigger point therapy massage can be uncomfortable. Our therapists at Complete Wellness can help you breathe in deep, relax, and settle your mind and body into full relaxation and comfort. Often in life we forget how to take care of ourselves.

Complete Wellness will make sure you are in good hands, always looking out for your long, healthy path ahead. Restore and maintain natural ease of movement with trigger point injections, please call (212) 737-9000 for a free consultation now!