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Benefits of cryotherapy:

There’s a new therapeutic treatment offered now that helps alleviate the pain almost immediately! And what is that? Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is bursts of liquid nitrogen to help sooth aches and pain. It’s the practice of using extreme cold temperatures to promote natural healing. It leaves your body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Best part is, it’s only 3 minutes!

How whole body cryotherapy helps with inflammation:

Inflammation is common in the healing process. But did you know research shows that inflammation can contribute to cancer, heart disease, depression, bone loss, sleep deprivation, and even diabetes? Chronic inflammation is developed when the body tissue is injured, and the damaged cells release chemicals that cause blood vessels to dilate, blood flow to increase, and capillaries to become more permeable. When this happens, hormones and white blood cells move in. Swelling is caused by the fluid that accompanies white blood cells.  When you swell, the pressure of pain is increased and it limits your range of motion.

Ice has been an effective form of treating chronic inflammation for years. However, it is only a temporary relief. For longer lasting and systemic relief, studies say the body must be exposed to temperatures of -100°C  (-166°F) or colder. Us humans cannot achieve reaching these crazy temperatures with a simple ice bath or an ice pack even. Whole body cryotherapy can, however. Reaching this impossible freezing temperature uses nitrogen gas to chill the body to the level that triggers a systemic anti-inflammatory response. Cryotherapy sends a response to the body by shocking it into a state of mind where the body thinks it is freezing. The brain sends a signal throughout the body that causes blood vessels in the body’s margin to force more blood to the core, and messenger proteins called cytokines and interleukins to be managed in a way that your body “shuts down” the inflammatory response.

Cryotherapy can alleviate more than just pain in your body. Clients have reported dramatic relief from inflammation whether it was caused from arthritis, autoimmune diseases, or crazy intense workouts. Several have mentioned cryotherapy has been the effective relief to their inflammation. If you are looking to feel better and perform better daily, cryotherapy is for you! It’s quick and only a few minutes of being dipped like a popsicle will give