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Happy New Year from the Complete Wellness team!

It’s the New Year and we’ve all set our new year’s resolution and we’re all motivated than ever, especially in the beginning of the year! We look into our past year to see what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve overcome and what still needs to be done to get one step closer to our goals we set, every year. The past is behind you and now your mentality, emotionally and physically ready to make 2017 your year!

“I’m going to lose 10 pounds.”
“I’m going to sign up for a gym membership.”
“I’m going to quit smoking.”
“I’m going to eat healthier.”
“I’m going to stress less and even do some yoga.”
“I’m going to stop procrastinating and put my “someday” categories into “now” category.

Sound familiar? Yes, we all have them; we all set them so we can feed off the positive energy in the beginning of the year to get one step closer to our goals. It’s always easier said than done and always harder when you feel like you’re alone!

Here at Complete Wellness NYC, we are your one stop shop for the best collaborative healthcare in New York City! We are here to help and keep you motivated and stay on track.

With our very own nutritionist onsite, Melissa Burchill customizes your very own health program to help you reach you weight loss goals. And with our MD acupuncturist onsite, Dr. H gets to the core of your issues and targets exactly what you need to relax more and keep your energy up. And with the help of our physical therapists, personal trainers, yoga instructor and chiropractors here too you won’t need to go anywhere else! We even have whole-body cryotherapy at our location that helps with anti-inflammation and weight loss! Call us today for a free consultation at (347) 252-6993!

It’s the new year, lets start fresh and stay the course together!