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Herniated Disc

New York residents who suffer from herniated discs may feel nearly crippled with pain. The team of medical professionals at Complete Wellness NYC, located in Upper East Side is here to create pain solutions, the natural way.

Herniated Disc Q & A

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What Is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is a damaged cushion that lies between the spinal vertebrae. Each disc is a small, pillowy circle that fits perfectly in-between the vertebrae. When that cushion becomes damaged, a herniated disc can be the result.

How Do Herniated Discs Impact the Body?

A herniated disc can create significant pain. The nerves that connect with the outer part of the disc send pain signals if the disc is damaged. If the disc is leaking fluid, it may cause the vertebrae to grind against each other, which is very painful. Patients with herniated discs may become severely limited in terms of normal movement due to pain.

How Is a Herniated Disc Different From a Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc is one that moves outside of its regular spot in the spine. Often, this makes the disc look like it’s oversized in relation to other spinal discs. Discs may often start to bulge during the natural aging process. Bulging discs may cause pain but in many cases, they do not cause symptoms. Herniated discs occur when there is disc damage that goes beyond swelling. Usually, a herniated disc means that there is an actual crack in the outer cartilage of the disc material. This leads to considerable pain in many cases.

How Are Herniated Discs Treated?

Nonsurgical treatment of herniated discs is possible today. Treatments may include chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, and pain relief like heat and cold packs. An important part of recovery for patients suffering from herniated discs is learning new lifestyle adjustments that can help prevent future injury. These adjustments can include doing regularly prescribed strengthening exercises at home, learning new ways to bend and lift, and maintaining a healthy eating plan. Treatment can be different for each patient. The team at Complete Wellness NYC customizes plans for every person to make sure that herniated disc pain is a thing of the past.