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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the leading complaints of New York residents today. The team at Complete Wellness NYC, located in Upper East Side, is ready to customize a noninvasive natural care plan that will finally eliminate back pain.

Low Back Pain Q & A

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Who Suffers From Low Back Pain?

A wide range of people suffers from back pain today. In fact, it is one of the most common problems that people see medical care providers for. In most cases, back pain occurs after some kind of trauma to the back. This trauma may happen during auto accidents, exercise, or ordinary accidents like slips and falls. In some cases, back pain is the result of aging. Over the years, the lumbar discs start to deteriorate, and this may result in painful low back conditions like disc herniation. Women in the later stages of pregnancy often suffer from back pain due to the baby placing pressure on the spine. People of any age who have poor posture may develop low back pain eventually as well.

How Is Low Back Pain Evaluated?

Low back pain is evaluated in several different ways. Usually, this will begin with a chiropractic evaluation. The chiropractor will do a complete examination, and may use x-ray images to get further information if needed. The patient’s input is always an essential part of low back pain diagnosis and treatment. The patient will be asked to talk about the location, level, and frequency of the pain to help the chiropractor make an accurate diagnosis. Once low back pain has been diagnosed, a treatment plan can be started right away.

What Type of Treatments Are Effective for Low Back Pain?

Noninvasive natural treatments are often highly effective solutions for low back pain. Chiropractic adjustments can guide the spinal column into a place of ideal alignment. This often alleviates much of the low back pain by correcting imbalances. Other methods of pain relief, such as heat and ice therapy or medical massage, are often excellent complementary treatments. One of the key parts of managing low back pain is preventing future problems. This can often be done through a prescribed exercise plan, one which focuses on strengthening the core muscles that support the spine.