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Personal Training

Many New York residents begin a personal training program to help them meet their weight loss and fitness goals. The team at Complete Wellness NYC, located in Upper East Side, is ready and willing to help people achieve their best bodies today.

Personal Training Q & A

Complete Wellness NYC

How Does a Personal Trainer Design Workouts?

A personal trainer can be an extremely important part of a person’s fitness. Personal trainers create highly individualized routines for each of their clients based on each person’s unique needs. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and their own fitness preferences. The personal trainer’s job is to use this information to create routines that the client will find engaging and exciting. The personal trainer will also carefully tailor fitness routines to help clients in reaching their goals quickly and efficiently.

What Are the Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer?

There are a number of reasons to hire a personal trainer. The personal trainer can provide a level of fitness expertise that very few individuals have on their own. The trainer knows how to get the desired results and will custom craft the client’s path to achieving those results. Many people also find that hiring a personal trainer is a great motivator. People may sometimes find it all too easy to skip workouts when there is nobody there to hold them accountable. When a personal trainer is expecting their client to be there at a certain time, it’s much easier to make that appointment as scheduled. The personal trainer is also an excellent personal cheerleader. They will be there to give the client the positive feedback and validation they need to truly feel like they are making progress.

When Will Results Be Evident?

That varies by person and exercise routine. Each person may respond to personalized workouts in their own unique way, but most people start to see results after less than a few months of consistently working out with a personal trainer.

How Long Do Training Sessions Last?

Most training sessions last around an hour each, although this may vary depending on the exercise and the client. Clients typically meet with their personal trainer at least a couple of times a week to exercise, but this is up to the individual and can be adjusted for personal goals.