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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point Therapy can be an excellent way for New York residents to get relief for chronic pain. Complete Wellness NYC, located in Upper East Side offers this highly effective therapy for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and more.

Trigger Point Therapy Q & A

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What Does Trigger Point Therapy Do?

Trigger point therapy is a pain relief method that focuses on the painful and irritated muscle knots (the trigger points) that can develop in the back, neck, and other parts of the body. These knots develop during times of muscle stress or injury. They cause pain both in the area of the knot and in other surrounding areas. In some cases, these muscle knots can even spread pain elsewhere in the body. Trigger point therapy is designed to release these knots, which will, in turn, alleviate the pain.

Who Performs Trigger Point Therapy?

A licensed therapist with training in trigger point therapy will perform the treatment.

How Does Trigger Point Therapy Work?

The patient will lay comfortably, facing down, so the therapist can access the back, shoulders, neck, and any other areas of pain. The therapist will then carefully perform a series of motions designed to place pressure on the trigger points, followed by a series of motions that will release the trigger points. The entire process is a collaborative one because the massage therapist will rely on the patient to let them know which areas are causing the most pain.

What Types of Pain Can Trigger Point Therapy Help With?

Trigger point therapy can help with a large variety of different pain concerns. These include low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and stiffness, bursitis, leg pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, hip pain, pain in the pelvis, and much more.

What Other Types of Therapy Are Needed?

It depends on the patient. Many patients find great relief with a customized treatment plan that includes both holistic methods and traditional medicine methods. Trigger point therapy is often even more effective when additional treatments like chiropractic adjustments are done as needed for additional pain relief and healing.