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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections

What is the treatment of Trigger Points?

Trigger Points can be managed with rehabilitation, chiropractic care, massage

therapy, and Trigger Point Injections.

What are Trigger Point Injections? What are Trigger Points?

They form when there is a tight area within a muscle that

cannot relax producing a “knot.”

The “knot” can irritate nerves around muscles that can

cause pain that is felt in another region of the body; this is

known as referred pain.

Common muscle groups Trigger Points affect are the neck,

shoulders, arms, and legs.

Trigger Points are caused by repetitive actions, trauma (car

accidents, falls etc.), poor posture, vitamin deficiencies, sleep

disturbances, stress, and joint problems.

How can we help control your pain?

A Trigger Point Injection is administered by a licensed healthcare professional by inserting a small needle containing a local anesthetic (Lidocaine 1%) into the trigger point. This will help to relax the knotted muscle to provide pain relief more quickly. TPIs, in combination with physical therapy, help the patient heal. TPIs also help the doctors by loosening the muscles making it easier to

adjust the patient.