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We were lucky enough to host Dr. and Mrs. Fenster this year, as part of our annual “Wellness Day”. Dr. Fenster delivered a fantastic presentation on achieving lifelong wellness to our entire office. In addition to being an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, Dr. Fenster is also a miracle worker, as he managed to achieve what has previously been impossible for our team: actual audience participation. Unlike every other event we have arranged for our office, Dr. Fenster managed to coax virtually everyone in the room interacting with him, and actively participating in the discussion. Our employees were laughing, calling out answers, asking questions, and doing exercises with enthusiasm I haven’t seen before. As one employee told me after the presentation “Dr. Fenster gave me some incredibly useful tips on physical and spiritual wellness. Thanks for bringing him in.”

Equally as engaging and well received, Mrs. Fenster arranged a fantastic class demonstrating yoga moves that could be done at your desk. This “cubicle yoga” (as our team has started calling it) was fantastic. Given the sedentary nature of most of the work day, our team had specifically asked for a yoga class. With limited space accommodate yoga mats for everyone, Mrs. Fenster came up with the concept of doing a class based on moves that can be done in your cubicle! This idea was a perfect solution as it didn’t just address the requests for Wellness Day, but also provided a lifelong tool for our employees. Since her class, I have routinely seen coworkers practicing some of the moves she demonstrated at their desks.

I cannot endorse the Fenster’s enough as a resource for any HR or Employee Relations manager. They are knowledgeable, professional, and incredibly engaging. Without them, our Wellness Day would not have been the huge success that it was. We can’t wait to have them back next year.