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What is cupping?

Cupping is another traditional form of Chinese medicine we have adopted. You might remember the hype about Michael Phelps and the purple dots on his back, back in August 2016 during the Olympics. He stated that he does cupping before ever meet and that it helped with his sorness. And yes, studies have shown, that cupping helps with internal blood circulation, loosening muscles, and relieving musculoskeletal issues. Michael Phelps states vhas been cupping for two years now because it helps his body feel good!

Over the recent months, athletes have sworn that it keeps them injury free and helps with recovery. Over the past several months, there is not doubt that couches and athletes around the world believe in cupping. If you’ve ever found yourself loving massage, cupping is the complete opposite but just as amazing. Instead of applying pressure, cupping uses suction pressure to pull skin, muscles, and tissues upward. Cupping has modernized over the years, leaving a little bit of tradition behind. You may be familiar with the big bruise-like marks on people who receive treatment. The cups used for cupping are usually made from glass, bamboo, silicone, and Earthenware. If you are curious about finding more information on cupping of if you would like to try cupping at our office located 30 E. 60th St #302, NY, NY 10022 please all us at 247-507-5180!

Our very own, Dr. H. has helped thousands of patients feel better after doing a full assessment and treatment plan on their pain and needs. He has treated a wide range of conditions including indigestion, constipation, migraines, back pain, insomnia, numbess, dizziness and much more. To book your FREE consultation with Dr. H yourelf, please call 347-507-5180 today!