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Health & Nutrition Coaching in NYC

• The Complete Wellness Advantage •

Complete Wellness utilizes diverse evidence-based modalities tailored to your needs.
Comprehensive Diagnostics

We conduct in-depth assessments like blood tests, food sensitivity testing, and metabolic analysis to uncover the root causes of your pain or discomfort.

Custom Meal Planning

Based on your health goals and needs, we create personalized healthy meal plans optimized for you.

Strategic Supplements

We select targeted nutritional supplements when warranted to provide missing support in your journey back to wellness.

Behavior Change Approaches

We leverage proven psychology techniques to facilitate sustainable lifestyle and mindset shifts.

• How Our Health and Nutrition Coaching Achieves Results •

We address all aspects of your life that may be contributing to your pain: physical, mental, and emotional.

Comprehensive Pain Evaluation

We thoroughly assess your pain to uncover the root causes while also providing immediate relief.

Review Your Personalized Plan of Care

During your second visit, we review the findings from your pain evaluation and provide a tailored care plan to address the root cause of your pain and get you back to feeling your best self.  

Start Care!

The Complete Wellness Care Team works as a unit, with you at the center.

Progress Tracking and Plan Adjustment

We continuously track your progress, provide feedback, and adjust your care plan as your health needs evolve.

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• Benefits of Health & Nutrition Coaching at Complete Wellness •

Feel your best with the wide-ranging benefits of our health and nutrition coaching.

Anti-Inflammatory Eating Strategies

We emphasize anti-inflammatory eating strategies, essential in reducing chronic pain and promoting long-term health.

Customized Dietary Plans for Pain Management

Our expertly crafted dietary plans are personalized to manage and relieve your specific pain conditions, enhancing your overall quality of life.

Food as Medicine Approach

We adopt a 'food as medicine' approach, using nutrient-rich diets to naturally manage pain and foster healing from within.

Educational Empowerment in Dietary Choices

We empower you with the knowledge to make informed dietary choices, understanding how food impacts your pain levels and overall well-being.

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• Common Conditions Treated with Health & Nutrition Coaching •

We offer targeted nutritional solutions for a wide variety of health conditions.

Sports Nutrition

Nutritionists provide specialized guidance to support athletic recovery, performance, and injury prevention.


Coaches help identify dietary triggers and create plans to avoid them.

Chronic Inflammation

We guide anti-inflammatory diets with nutrients like omega-3s and antioxidants.

Migraines and Headaches

Nutritionists identify and avoid potential food triggers for migraines and headaches.

Pelvic Floor Disorders

Nutritionists suggest dietary adjustments to ease pelvic floor disorder symptoms.

Nutrition for Joint and Muscle Recovery

We ensure diets support muscle and joint recovery needs.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)

Nutritionists suggest foods and strategies to reduce jaw strain.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Medical massage accelerates recovery through improved circulation and reduced swelling and stiffness.

Low Back Pain

Weight management and anti-inflammatory diets can help alleviate some back pain.

Obesity and Weight Management

We support weight loss through coaching, meal plans, and encouragement.

Digestive Disorders

Nutritionists identify dietary triggers to help manage symptoms of conditions like IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, and reflux.


Coaches develop customized meal plans to stabilize blood sugar, manage carbs, and achieve a healthy weight.

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• Expert Health & Nutrition Coaches at Complete Wellness •

Our doctors are committed to helping you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.
Ruthie Mosseri Esses, RD
Ruthie Mosseri Esses, RD
Registered Dietitian
With a Bachelor's in health and nutrition sciences, Ruthie blends her functional nutrition expertise with the Complete Wellness team to create customized health plans.
Liana Werner-Gray
Liana Werner-Gray
Health & Nutrition Coach
A passionate healthy lifestyle advocate, Liana leverages her expertise in health and nutrition coaching to help individuals adopt wholesome, sustainable changes.

• Hear from our Patients •

Read inspiring stories from our patients who transformed their health with our help.

What impressed me even more was the level of care and attention given to the nutritional aspect of my wellness journey. The nutritionists at Complete Wellness took the time to understand my dietary preferences, goals, and any existing health conditions. They provided personalized guidance and practical strategies to help me make healthier choices. Their expertise in creating balanced meal plans and educating me on proper nutrition was invaluable.

Eli Haliva

I got a nutritionist and a massage therapist there. And it’s great fun, the people who work there are happy and make me happy. Thanks!

Jorge P

My nutritionist is wonderful, and my wellness yoga Teacher and Director Liz also!! I have lost 11 lbs. The whole team are thoughtful and caring people

Annette Guarino

Finding a Health & Nutrition Coach in NYC

Navigating your wellness journey shouldn't be a solitary pursuit. At Complete Wellness, the best nutrition coaches are ready to guide you every step of the way. Book a health & nutrition coaching service today and start your personalized journey toward achieving integrative wellness in the heart of NYC.

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• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) •

Get brief responses to the queries we receive most often about our services.
1. What is the difference between a nutrition coach and a wellness coach?

A nutrition coach focuses specifically on guiding individuals in making healthy food choices and optimizing their dietary habits, while a wellness coach takes a more holistic approach, addressing various aspects of well-being including nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and overall lifestyle.

2. How do I choose a nutrition coach?

When choosing a nutrition coach, consider their credentials, experience, and expertise in the field of nutrition and wellness, as well as their ability to understand and cater to your specific needs and goals. It's important to find someone you feel comfortable working with and who aligns with your values and approach to health.

3. What is the difference between a health coach and a personal trainer?

While a health coach focuses on overall well-being and takes a holistic approach that may include nutrition, fitness, stress management, and lifestyle factors, a personal trainer primarily focuses on physical fitness and exercise programming. However, there can be an overlap between the two roles depending on the individual's training and expertise.

4. How is Complete Wellness different from other healthcare providers?

Unlike other healthcare providers, Complete Wellness uncovers the root causes of health concerns through comprehensive assessments, gives personalized treatment based on each individual’s test results, and gives a holistic solution by taking care of the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the patient.

5. What types of services does Complete Wellness offer?

Complete Wellness offers natural holistic health and wellness services such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Health and Nutrition Coaching, Medical Massage, Pain Management, Physical Therapy & Mental Health.