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Physical Therapy in NYC

• The Complete Wellness Advantage •

Complete Wellness utilizes proven physical therapy techniques and modalities to safely restore mobility and reduce pain.
Manual Therapy

Our therapists use specialized hands-on techniques like soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and manipulation.

Therapeutic Exercise

We prescribe customized strengthening, stretching, and cardiovascular exercises.

Ultrasound Therapy

We may use sound waves to generate deep heat and improve local blood flow.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

We apply electrical currents to aid muscle re-education and control pain.

Patient Education

We provide lifestyle and home exercise advice to empower independent self-care.

• How Our Physical Therapy Treatment Achieves Results •

We address all aspects of your life that may be contributing to your pain: physical, mental, and emotional.

Comprehensive Pain Evaluation

We thoroughly assess your pain to uncover the root causes while also providing immediate relief.

Review Your Personalized Plan of Care

During your second visit, we review the findings from your pain evaluation and provide a tailored care plan to address the root cause of your pain and get you back to feeling your best self.  

Start Care!

The Complete Wellness Care Team works as a unit, with you at the center.

Progress Tracking and Plan Adjustment

We continuously track your progress, provide feedback, and adjust your care plan as your health needs evolve.

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• Benefits of Physical Therapy Treatment at Complete Wellness •

Relieve pain through the comprehensive benefits of our physical therapy treatment.

Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion

Our therapy sessions aim to improve flexibility and extend your range of motion, enhancing daily life activities.

Functional Mobility Improvement

We focus on enhancing your functional mobility, making daily tasks easier, and improving your overall quality of life.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We specialize in post-surgical rehabilitation, helping you recover safely and efficiently after surgery.

Body Mechanics Training

We provide coaching on optimal body mechanics to support your physique and prevent future injuries.

Balance and Coordination Training

Our programs include balance and coordination training, crucial for injury prevention and enhancing physical performance.

Addresses Root Causes

Our approach focuses on treating underlying issues, ensuring lasting improvements in your physical well-being.

Improved Overall Health

By restoring movement and strength, we enhance mobility, reduce pain, and boost overall health.

Individualized Care

Each patient receives a customized care plan designed for faster pain relief and functional recovery.

Holistic Pain Relief

Our treatments offer natural pain relief methods, eliminating the need for medication.

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• Common Conditions Treated with Physical Therapy •

We provide rehabilitation for a wide range of orthopedic, neurological, and post-surgical conditions.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

We develop customized treatment plans utilizing modalities, exercises, and education to rehabilitate injuries like sprains and fractures.

Orthopedic Conditions

We treat conditions like arthritis through exercise, manual therapy, and pain relief.

Back and Neck Pain

We address spinal pain through techniques to improve mobility and function.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

We offer customized recovery after procedures like joint replacement.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

We treat conditions like a carpal tunnel with stretches, nerve glides, and activity modification.

Tendinitis and Bursitis

We reduce inflammation and discomfort through targeted exercises and modalities like ice or heat therapy.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

We offer rehab exercises, biofeedback, and manual techniques to resolve incontinence, pain, and mobility issues.

Neurological Conditions

We design tailored programs with gait training, balance exercises, and more for conditions like Parkinson’s, MS, and stroke.

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• Expert Physical Therapists at Complete Wellness •

Our doctors are committed to helping you become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.
Dr. Thomas Edgehouse, DPT
Dr. Thomas Edgehouse, DPT
Physical Therapy
With 10+ years of experience, Dr. Edgehouse leverages manual therapy and exercise to treat postural dysfunction, sports injuries, and chronic pain.
Dr. Gina DeLisio, DPT
Dr. Gina DeLisio, DPT
Physical Therapy
Holding a Doctorate in PT from Boston University, Dr. DeLisio creates customized orthopedic and chronic pain programs using her expertise in outpatient rehab.
Dr. Paz Leos, DPT
Dr. Paz Leos, DPT
Physical Therapy
Dr. Leos received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and utilizes her specialty in persistent pain management to treat complex adult orthopedic and neurological conditions.
Kanchan Rana, MPT
Kanchan Rana, MPT
Physical Therapy
Drawing on 15+ years of manual therapy experience, Dr. Rana is passionate about using a hands-on approach to return patients to full function.

• Hear from our Patients •

Read inspiring stories from our patients who transformed their health with our help.

The physical therapy sessions I had were truly transformative. The therapists at Complete Wellness are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. They tailored each session to address my specific needs, paying close attention to my concerns and limitations.

Eli Haliva

Going here for PT has changed my life. I couldn't run, jump, or play any sports, but just a few weeks later I'm pretty much back at baseline. Tommy and the other PTs are absolutely amazing and I can't recommend them enough. You can tell everyone here enjoys what they do, and it makes it a very caring environment.

Zac Schwartz

I have been going for PT for the last 3 months to Complete Wellness and it continues to amaze me how good they are in treating you. Their primary therapist Gina, Thomas and Paz are the best group of therapy I have seen. The front desk is ever so friendly & helpful.

JM Tolani

Tommy was unlike any other PT I had seen. In a short time, I was confident that he totally understood my unique condition and needs. He was incredibly skillful using massage and stretches and I felt immediate results. I danced for joy at the concerts both nights! Tommy helped me to master many exercises to do in his lovely, well equipped therapy room, and has kindly emailed me explicit instructions so I can continue to do them at home.

Ginny Tobey

I started my twice a week sessions with physical therapists, Tommy, Gina, and Martin, and not only has there been great improvement with my knee mobility, but I have been educated on the mechanisms of my body so that even with the conditions of aging I have learned how to extend my knee and leg functions.

Lin Ying Goodson

My experience at Complete Wellness has been quite extraordinary. I have been a patient on and off for many years for various back, neck, shoulder and leg issues. They have saved my life several times through PT, chiro, yoga therapy and other services.

Susana Namnum

Finding a Physical Therapist in NYC

Restoring mobility takes commitment and expert care. At Complete Wellness, the best physical therapists are ready to guide you every step of the way. Book a physical therapy session today and start your personalized journey to increased strength, flexibility, and comfort in the heart of NYC.

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• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) •

Get brief responses to the queries we receive most often about our services.
1. How is physiotherapy different from physical therapy?

Physiotherapy is a broader term used internationally, while physical therapy is more commonly used in the United States to describe the same field of rehabilitative care.

2. Can physical therapy help prevent injuries and improve athletic performance?

Yes, integrated physical therapy can help improve athletic performance by addressing muscle imbalances, enhancing movement patterns, and preventing injuries through tailored exercise programs.

3. How does Complete Wellness' physical therapy differ from traditional approaches?

Our approach integrates various methods, from hands-on techniques to therapeutic exercises, while considering your unique needs and holistic well-being. This approach enhances your overall path to healing.

4. What should I wear during a physical therapy session at Complete Wellness?

There are no strict clothing requirements for physical therapy sessions. However, we recommend wearing comfortable and stretchy attire that allows for ease of movement during exercises and therapy.

5. How long does a typical physical therapy session at Complete Wellness last?

A typical physical therapy session usually lasts 60 minutes.