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At Complete Wellness NYC, we thoroughly assess your condition, needs, and expectations and rule out any serious medical illnesses before developing an effective treatment plan.


The ancient system of Acupuncture is a powerful tool which has been used for over 2,500 years to help relieve pain, manage anxiety, balance hormones, and more. Acupuncture works by gently inserting hair-thin needles at key acupuncture points on the body. By stimulating these points we are able to release endorphins, regulate cortisol, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and more.

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Chiropractic Care is a proven, safe, and non-invasive approach to treating pain and improving overall body function. Our Chiropractors will seek out the root cause of your issue, and work to quickly provide you relief of your discomfort while also resolving the root cause so you can be active and pain free for years to come. Chiropractic is recognized as a strong alternative to drugs and surgery.

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Functional Medicine

Our Functional Medicine providers seek to uncover and resolve the root cause of our patients complaints, not just cover up the symptoms with drugs or surgery. Functional Medicine is a proactive approach to getting relief of symptoms permanently, by correcting the underlying cause. Functional Medicine is especially affective for managing weight, increasing immunity, improving energy, and elevating sex drive. Our our approach is extremely effective in resolving thyroid issues, obesity, brain fog, fatigue, chronic illnesses, and more.

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Health and Nutrition Coaching

Everyone needs a guide... even Meryl Streep and Lebron James have coaches. Our Health and Nutrition Coachs have their own incredible health journeys, and are here to support you on yours. They will share their knowldge and experience, push you, hold you accountable, and help you live a life you never thought imaginable.

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Medical Massage

Massage is often associated with a spa treatment, or something to do leisurely for relaxation. While this is definitely one of the benefits of getting a massage, there are many other reasons why a medical massage is a health benefit. Whether you are dealing with an injury, stress, or trying to recover from an intense workout, having a medical message with a trained professional can improve your health.

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Medical Weight Loss

The medical weight loss program at Complete Wellness NYC is supervised by a team of medical professionals who know how to help patients lose weight safely and effectively. Many people become frustrated after the failure of a string of fad diets or “quick fix” diet plans. The medical weight loss program, in sharp contrast to those types of programs, is designed specifically for the individual. The program includes a combination of traditional medicine and holistic medicine techniques.

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Pain Management

Our Pain Management providers - or physiatrists - have a wide range of tools to determine exactly what your issues are and help you get relief quickly. Some of the tools the pain management provider may use are diagnostic ultrasounds, trigger points injections, PRP injections, orthotics, and a long referral list.

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Physical Therapy

Through hands-on work and 1-on-1 guides exercises, our Physical Therapists help you heal from injuries, reduce pain, and improve flexibility so you can get back to doing what you love.

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Positive Psychological Training

Positive Psychological Training, or PPT, is 1-on-1 talk therapy to help you manage stress, and overcome obstacles. In addition to helping you with your mental wellness, PPT can also reduce inflammation in the body and breakthrough mindsets that are stopping you from living and feeling your best.

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Stress Management

Our Stress Management Coach will help you leverage breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises, and other best practices to reduce your stress and increase your quality of life.

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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Points can be managed with rehabilitation, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and Trigger Point Injections.

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Yoga is an incredible tool to improve flexibility, circulation, and balance. In our 1-on-1 sessions the yoga teacher will tailor the class to you, your experience level, and any of your issues.

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