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Pain Management In New York City

Our team of physiatrists is equipped with the tools and resources to help identify your problem and manage it quickly. Our pain management tools use PRP injections, diagnostic ultrasounds, orthotics, and trigger points injections to provide the relief you need.

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Acupuncture Q & A

What Is Acupuncture Treatment?

Acupuncture is a type of treatment that originated in China more than 3,000 years ago. Acupuncturists use extremely slim needles, placing them in key areas on the body to alleviate pain in a natural way. The needles create a balance in the body’s energy, which allows the body to return to its optimal pain-free state.

There are several types of acupuncture. In moxibustion, moxa taken from dried mugwort warms key areas and helps with smooth qi energy flow. In auricular acupuncture, points on the outer ear are stimulated for healing. In cupping therapy, suction is used to help stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

What Types of Conditions and Illnesses Can Acupuncture Help With?

Acupuncture can help with a very wide range of pain, illnesses, and conditions. These include lower back pain, headache pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, menstrual cramps, digestive problems, insomnia, PMS, neck pain, and much more.

Comprehensive Pain Management Services NYC

Pain is something we have all had to deal with throughout our lives, especially as we age. But that doesn’t mean we are inevitability stuck suffering for the rest of our lives, we have found ways to manage and reduce pain. Comprehensive pain management allows us to live more complete and fulfilling lives where pain doesn’t hold us back.

At Complete Wellness, we believe comprehensive pain management to be one of the most important parts of creating well-rounded, solution-oriented care because we know how impactful it is on your life. Chronic pain can make important, everyday responsibilities such as working, taking care of your family, and taking care of yourself almost impossible. And if severe enough, can fully prevent you from doing the things you love doing and generally enjoying life. If pain is having these kinds of effects on your life, let our pain management services in New York City/Manhattan help.

Our Holistic Pain Management Plan

A holistic pain management plan is a natural approach to pain management where we treat the whole patient rather than just treating the symptoms. A plan can include tools like PRP injections, diagnostic ultrasounds, orthotics, and trigger points injections to provide the relief you need.

Our caring team of physiatrists wants to see you get better and have the expertise, tools, and resources necessary to create a comprehensive pain management plan that will address your specific needs. We pride ourselves on the genuine relationships we create with our patients. We believe this is the only way we can truly understand their experiences and circumstance and create an integrated pain management plan for them.

While our team has experience treating a wide variety of issues, we commonly treat patients with:

  • Back pain: Lower and upper back pain
  • Neck pain: Muscle, joint and nerve problems
  • Shoulder pain: arthritis, rotator cuff and other tendon pain management
  • Other chronic conditions: Repetitive use strains, other joint pain, and more

Why Work with our Pain Management Specialist?

No other pain management doctor in Manhattan will put as much effort into understanding your situation and needs as much as we do. This gives us the ability to create a plan that emphasizes our patients long-lasting health, in which we not only treat, but also prevent pain. Additionally, no other care provider will be as realistic and honest with you as we will. We value the importance of the work we do and will never overstate anything we do as a miracle cure, and if we feel a different specialist will be better for your needs, we’ll tell you.

Not treating chronic pain or treating it only with over-the-counter medication is a big risk! If you need pain management services in NY, make an appointment today, and we will come up with a customized pain management program to relieve your pain.

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