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Acupuncture Q & A

What Is Acupuncture Treatment?

Acupuncture is a type of treatment that originated in China more than 3,000 years ago. Acupuncturists use extremely slim needles, placing them in key areas on the body to alleviate pain in a natural way. The needles create a balance in the body’s energy, which allows the body to return to its optimal pain-free state.

There are several types of acupuncture. In moxibustion, moxa taken from dried mugwort warms key areas and helps with smooth qi energy flow. In auricular acupuncture, points on the outer ear are stimulated for healing. In cupping therapy, suction is used to help stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

She understands what it feels like having no energy, running on empty, and grabbing that third cup of coffee to get through the day. She understands what it feels like to struggle with hormonal imbalances and stubborn acne. She's been there and has learned that there is a better way, and can't want to share it with you.

She's worked with an array of clients in a variety of settings including clinical acute care, community organizations, functional medicine clinics, and wellness centers. Through these experiences, she's learned that each individual is unique and have found a range of ways to partner with them to get to the root cause of their distress. She focuses on real, whole foods and simple changes that will result in life-long changes. Diana and the rest of our functional team will dive into the science of nutrition, sleep, energy, physical activity, hormones, medical history, as well as diagnostic lab testing. They willcraft individualized plans that provide clients with life-long knowledge, centered on what works for their lifestyles.  

DIana joins Jhonelle, Liana, and Jan in the  functional wellness department at Complete Wellness.

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Medically reviewed by Complete Wellness on Mar 07, 2024

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