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How Chiropractic Care Can Treat Neck and Shoulder Pain?

December 7, 2023

Acupuncture Q & A

What Is Acupuncture Treatment?

Acupuncture is a type of treatment that originated in China more than 3,000 years ago. Acupuncturists use extremely slim needles, placing them in key areas on the body to alleviate pain in a natural way. The needles create a balance in the body’s energy, which allows the body to return to its optimal pain-free state.

There are several types of acupuncture. In moxibustion, moxa taken from dried mugwort warms key areas and helps with smooth qi energy flow. In auricular acupuncture, points on the outer ear are stimulated for healing. In cupping therapy, suction is used to help stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

If stabbing neck pain and stiff shoulders weigh you down daily, making work feel like hard labor and limiting treasured activities, lasting relief may be within reach through customized chiropractic care.

Through precision realignment of squeezed vertebrae, you can experience lasting pain relief, helping your tense muscles unwind.

Chiropractic care locates and gently restores your worn neck cartilage while calming inflamed nerves. 

With ongoing gentle treatment, natural movement can be restored to your rigid areas, and fluid movement can be restarted in places it was missing, improving function over time.

This guide explains why neck and shoulders cause pain, how chiropractors can bring relief and the benefits of choosing a chiropractic treatment.

What Triggers Neck and Shoulder Discomfort?

Your neck and shoulder discomfort often materializes progressively when repetitive strain or underlying joint dysfunctions remain unaddressed over time. Some warning signs, including chronic tightness and sharp discomfort, frequently result from the following:

  • Pinched nerves can develop when an extended shoulder muscle tension inadvertently compresses your critical signaling pathways, similar to bubble wrap applying pressure upon glass. You may experience a tingling sensation as your hands or fingers start falling asleep.
  • Text neck postural issues can manifest long-term as constantly viewing handheld devices causes your neck vertebrae to gradually misalign. It happens through years of overstretching your fragile, supportive connective tissues and joints.
  • Sustained, hunched shoulder positioning leads to elevating your upper torso, heavily straining your muscles for hours without relief. It’s similar to carrying increasing backpack weights without rests to put them down. The pull of poor head-forward posture bears down upon the upper spine.
  • Insufficient computer workstation ergonomic support often requires awkward sustained cervical rotation. It directly impacts your vulnerable neck vertebrae as you constantly swivel your head side-to-side. This repeated neck motion risks re-injuring old damages or disc traumas resulting from past collisions that disrupted surrounding muscles and ligaments.

How Do Chiropractors Bring Neck and Shoulder Relief?

chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain

Skilled chiropractors like the ones at Complete Wellness, use various techniques to gently restore your upper body alignment, joint mobility, and postural stability through the following techniques:

  • Gentle spinal adjustments help restore your positional integrity among vertebrae using controlled maneuvers similar to tuning piano keys back into harmonious alignment. Your misalignments get tapped back into place without any twisting motions.
  • Specially designed drop tables allow for controlled multi-level spinal realignment along the proper front-to-back neck curvature, like adjusting books on a shelf needing orderly straightening.
  • Instrument-assisted activators apply subtle corrective impulses without any twisting motions using gentle devices with precision impact.
  • Manual soft tissue massage techniques applied around your cervical spine and shoulders help calm irritated muscular trigger points, similar to untangling twisted strands of holiday lights through patient untangling and rolling.
  • Active Release Technique eliminates invasive scar tissue adhesions which hinder your normal movement in previously damaged muscles. It allows smoother gliding, like detangling knotted necklaces, with diligent care.
  • The chiropractors at Complete Wellness offer spinal traction via custom decompression braces, which gently stretch areas with compressed nerve space, similar to providing added wiggle room for toes restricted in tight shoes.
  • Electrical stimulation techniques help prevent wasting of your injured neck and shoulder stabilization muscles by keeping neural pathways active. A damage would otherwise cause pathways to go dormant from disuse. It’s like jump-starting a weakened battery.
  • Therapeutic stretching protocols support regaining the range of motion lost due to contractions from long-term misalignments. This is similar to gently massaging out tensely bunched muscles after rigorous exercise until flexibility returns.
  • Targeted strength and stabilization exercises progressively build your capability to maintain proper spinal alignment during routine motions that once aggravated issues due to insufficient muscular support. It’s akin to a toddler wobbling as they build leg strength to stand with confidence.

What Are The Benefits of Targeted Chiropractic Care? 

If you receive neck/shoulder-focused chiropractic care, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can enjoy lasting pain relief from sustained gentle spinal positioning improvements through precision care provided by specialists like Complete Wellness. This often outlasts temporary medication masking once alignment gets structurally addressed.
  • An increased arm motion range happens by incrementally restoring flexibility to compressed vertebrae and decompressing nerves. This revives reaching and throwing motions in various activities.
  • You reduce hand tingling/numbness by proactively preventing future nerve impingement through early postural adjustments before injuries develop.
  • Your confidence in easy neck motion follows as cervical vertebrae realign through mild maneuvers optimizing joint integrity beyond medication reliance.
  • You get an improved posture as tailored shoulder realignment and mid-back strength exercises allow upright elongation without painful guarding.
  • You prevent spinal disc injuries or arthritic changes proactively by stabilizing vulnerable neck segments before permanent mobility decline. This happens when early-stage damage is left untreated over time.
  • You regain overhead-reaching abilities following personalized range of motion exercise trajectories based on your baseline abilities without strain. These gently expand capacities over time.
  • You restore lifting/carrying capability by slowly rebuilding strength through customized exercises that incrementally expand your capacities while preventing re-injury. This nurtures confidence in the ability to workout again.

Rediscover Vibrant Motion with Tailored Chiropractic Care

chiropractor for neck and back pain

The holistic approach of chiropractic treatment offers lasting comfort and enables fuller function when one-dimensional routes fall short.

The chiropractic specialists at Complete Wellness actualize this whole-person ethos. Through patient-centered plans like blending spinal manipulative techniques with physical therapy and relaxation methods, our treatments are calibrated to address each patient's unique pain triggers. 

We review everything beyond the obvious symptoms and our integrative adjustments invite the body to rediscover its incredible self-healing capacities when properly supported.

If you seek lasting relief for your neck and shoulder pain, begin your journey today by scheduling an appointment at Complete Wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which therapy is best for neck and shoulder pain?

An integrated approach combining chiropractic and massage therapies tailored to your needs often works best for neck and shoulder pain.

2. Is massage or chiropractor better for neck pain?

Massage offers immediate relief, while chiropractic focuses on alignment, so they work synergistically together. Consult experts on the best personalized mix.

3. Should I go to a doctor or chiropractor for neck pain?

Seek a chiropractor for long-term neck pain relief beyond temporary medication masking. But also discuss options with your doctor.

4. Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve in the shoulder?

Yes, chiropractors use specialized manipulations and adjustments that can effectively fix many pinched nerve cases in the neck, shoulder, and arm regions.

5. How often should a chiropractor adjust your neck?

Most patients require chiropractic neck adjustments 1-3 times per week initially, tapering to 1-2 times monthly for maintenance care as issues resolve and stability strengthens.

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